Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pacquiao turns Jimmy Kimmel Live into Pinoy Karaoke Night

Philippines, give it up for your boy Manny Pacquiao because I'll be damned he just officially conquered Hollywood- again!
By golly he just turned The Jimmy Kimmel Show into a Filipino Karaoke Extravaganza, and if you ask me, he sure hit that ball out of the ballpark. Pacquiao is definitely a once in a lifetime athlete and personality in the mold of Muhammad Ali. It's amazing how he owned the stage as if he was simply working the boxing ring.
How can you not love this guy?

Pacquiao smiled and laughed all night as he answered the toughest of questions and the not so tough ones thrown at him by the witty host.
I used to say Pacquiao was born to fight. I take it back. Pacquiao was born to entertain. You can tell by the look in his face and how at ease he was in front of the ABC studio cameras that he loves to perform and please.
When asked whether he was going to do an encore performance of his previous appearance on the show wherein he sang "Sometimes When we Touch", Pacquiao gladly accommodated and turned the Late Night Show into a Filipino Late Night Karaoke session as he sang George Benson's "Nothing's Gonna Change my Love for you".
Gotta give it to the show's producers as they threw in some "Karaoke-esque" video transitions to complete the transition of the late night talk show into the Manny Pacquiao variety show. Love it or hate it, Pacquiao had the crowd at it's feet and it's hard not to applaud the man for doing his own thing. Let's face it, how many boxers can you think of that can pull that one off?
Only Manny. And that's why he is so beloved by the Philippines. Pacquiao is the real thing. He is genuine and authentic to himself and truly represents what right with Filipino culture.
Pacquiao displayed all the characteristics that has endeared him to his fans all over the world. He was charming, witty, funny and upbeat. Just for the record, I couldn't care any less about love songs but somehow Pacquiao singing it makes it look cool- and that is what Pacquiao truly did since he stepped into mainstream boxing and captured the world's imagination. Pacquiao made being Filipino "cool". And it is.
Pacquiao perfectly captures and represent the Filipino culture through his genuine smile, kind-hearted nature, hospitable attitude, generous ways and most of all his courage and strength to put his nation, his fans and his family first and do whatever it takes to make them proud.
Hats off to you Manny! As a Filipino living here in the US, you definitely made each and every Filipino believe that despite all the hardships we go through and through the lows you came from and how high the unimaginable lengths you have already achieved, that anything is definitely possible. Mabuhay ka Manny Pacquiao!


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