Thursday, February 11, 2010

Van Damme visits Pacquiao in training

MANILA, Philippines -- Seven-time world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao got a surprise visit from international action star Jean-Claude Van Damme during his training at the Wild Card Gym in California.

According to, “The Muscles from Brussels” dropped by the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles to pay his respects to the Filipino boxer who is preparing for his March 13 fight against Joshua Clottey.

“Van Damme was escorted to the ringside and introduced to Freddie Roach and Pacquiao by security chief, Rob Peters,” said contributor Ed de la Vega.

Pacquiao invited the Van Damme to Texas to see the former's fight with Clottey.

The Belgian action star became famous for his martial arts movies that include Bloodsport, Universal Soldier, Hard Target, Timecop, and Street Fighter. Before making it in Hollywood, Van Damme spent years training in martial arts.

Pacquiao is no stranger to international movie stars.

He recently met actor star Steven Seagal, who expressed interest in shooting a movie with him.

“We had a great time together. The time just flew by,” said Pacquiao after getting to meet Seagal.

"We discussed the possibility of working together in movies and making joint concert appearances," he added.

Pacquiao has also met Sylvester Stallone, who became famous for portraying fictional boxer Rocky Balboa.

Mark Wahlberg, another action star, has also visited the Filipino boxer at the Wild Card Gym.

Pacquiao is also an actor in the Philippines having starred in several movies such as “Anak ng Kumander” and "Wapakman”. His foray into acting, however, has not been as successful as his boxing career. His last movie, "Wapakman," bombed at the box office.


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