Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pacquiao is in a no win situation against Clottey

Pacquiao-ClotteyBy Franciso Chentango: I don’t know if people realize this or not but Manny Pacquiao is almost in a no win situation regardless of whether he beats challenger Joshua Clottey or not on March 13th. There’s a significant amount of people who will look at Pacquiao’s win – or loss – over Clottey and see it as evidence that Pacquiao is using performance enhancing drugs. Anyone with two eyes can see that Pacquiao is not using any performance enhancing drugs. He’s completely natural, but some people don’t see him like that and are pre-judging this great fighter.

And on the flip side, if Pacquiao losses to Clottey, which is a possibility considering how strong Clottey is, some people will think that Pacquiao was afraid to take the performance enhancing drugs with the heat on him the way it is. And that’s really sad.

The legacy of this whole fiasco that just took place in his failed negotiations with Floyd Mayweather Jr. has concluded with some boxing fans being firmly entrenched with the belief that Pacquiao is taking some kind of performance enhancing drug or another. You can’t reason with these people, because they’re going to believe that Pacquiao juicing no matter how much logic you throw at them.

If you tell them that Pacquiao has never been caught using steroids and/or growth hormone, they come back with ‘it’s only because he knows how to hide it with his designer drugs.’ If you try explain to them that Pacquiao doesn’t look like a person on steroids or growth hormone. They then shoot back and say that Pacquiao’s head has grown noticeably in the past couple of years.

Its ridiculous trying to reason with these people, because they’ve set an anchor with their beliefs about Pacquiao and see him as dirty. I don’t believe that they would have had their minds changed one bit if Pacquiao had taken the random drug tests that Mayweather requested. I bet some of them would still think that Pacquiao was hiding the drugs somehow in his system using some kind of bizarre growth hormone that’s undetectable to modern testing.

And the worst thing of all is whether Pacquiao wins or loses from now many of these same people are going to feel that it’s all because of Pacquiao juicing it. They won’t give Pacquiao credit for his wins because they don’t trust him. It’s pretty pathetic because people are judging Pacquiao, an innocent fighter, and condemning him based on guesswork. They think he’s dirty therefore he is in their minds.



  1. Well then he should had taken the tests and not let 40 million go for fear of needles or less then 1 teaspoon of blood weakening him... its pretty obvious and until he takes this tests hes dirty.. youre 100% right!

  2. Yeah! I do believe that there's no way in this situation to go... but fellas i wud rewrite one articles posted along at HBO while ago...

    President Barack Obama... " NO I personally do not believe manny pacquiao is using any type of performance enhancing drugs, I believe pacquiao has set an unprecendented example for the global youth that hard work, dedication and prayer are the key ingredients to improving any kind of economic crisis across regardless of any demographic...

    The notion that certain figures in the sport have accused him of cheating is a little dishearting, but I'm confident that pacquiao can punch his way out his crisis."


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