Thursday, January 28, 2010

Margarito, Mexico: Pacquiao-Clottey push crosses border

Phase 2 of the Joshua Clottey-Manny Pacquaio Cowboys Stadium promotion is about to launch.

With somewhere in the area of 26,000 tickets committed, Boxing Bob Arum and Football Jerry Jones are putting their marketing and publicity teams together to beat the drums on both sides of the Texas-Mexico border.

The Texas boxing commission is giving returning from suspension Antonio Margocheato, oh I am sorry I misspelled his last name again, a free pass back into boxing.

“The Tijuana Tornado” may return to the ring like a gale force wind but don’t expect any Mark McGwire style apology or any sort of true confession as to what happened Jan. 24, 2009, in LA when the fighter was nabbed with illegally loaded handwraps before he went out and took a spanking from Sugar Shane Mosley.

(Arum confirmed my mini, mini, mini “scoop” of Sunday that former world champ Robert Garcia has become head trainer for Tone Loc.)

Clearly, Arum has told the Mexican star to stick the script, meaning stand by his sworn testimony before the California commission.


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