Thursday, January 28, 2010

Exclusive 8CN interview: Manny Pacquiao

The pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao returns home to 8CountNews and shares his thoughts on his big upcoming fight against Joshua Clottey. Pacquiao pulls no punches in this exclusive interview, he goes right after Floyd Mayweather and questions why he would purposely discredit his good name. Pacquiao also breaks down his fight against Clottey, and touches on his political career as well. Check out what else the pound for pound king had to say ONLY on 8CountNews!


8CN - Manny thank you for joining us tonight.

MP - Hello how are you doing?

8CN - Doing good, OK let's talk about Joshua Clottey. What does Clottey bring into the ring that gets your attention?

MP - Joshua Clottey is a good fighter and a strong fighter, he can punch. I truly believe that we can bring a good fight, and create a lot of boxing in the ring.

8CN - Are you concerned by how strong Clottey's chin is? He is tough to hurt.

MP - Yes, that's what I am saying, Clottey is tough. He can punch, and he is very strong.

8CN - He is going to be bigger and you are going to be faster. Do you think that he will suffer the same fate as your other opponents? Do you think you will be too fast for him?

MP - My advantage is my speed, but I have to use that properly. I have to use my speed in the fight correctly.

8CN - I was talking to Evander Holyfield, and he said that he noticed that when you punch you use your legs. He said that you use your legs to get leverage on your punches. Do you agree with him?

MP - Yes, you know the power of my punches is from my legs. Evander Holyfield is my idol, I always watch his fights.

8CN - Evander supports you, he said that Mayweather should not have accused you of taking steroids. That must be important for you to hear someone like Evander say that.

MP - Yes, and I don't understand Floyd. Maybe he just doesn't want to fight me. Maybe he needs more time to make a decision to fight me.

8CN - Do you think that was part of Floyd's plan? Do you think he was looking for an out the whole time?

MP - That's right, I believe that.

8CN - Training camp for Clottey is a little bit shorter this time. Do you have any concerns with the camp being shorter?

MP - No, training is good. Right now I have pretty good movement. I am throwing good combinations, and I will be ready for the fight on March 13th.

8CN - I want to get back on the Floyd Mayweather situation. How disappointed are you for the fans and all of boxing that this fight will not happen?

MP - Well I am disappointed actually, I feel bad because if he doesn't want to fight, why get into a big alibi by ruining my name?

8CN - Your reputation could have taken a real hit because of that....

MP - Cutting in - I don't know what his story is. I don't know why he would accuse me like that.

8CN - Put it into your words how important it is for you to maintain your integrity and reputation to all of the boxing fans.

MP - The boxing fans and the Filipino boxing fans believe that Floyd is just making an alibi to cancel the fight, he's not ready to fight.

8CN - Do you think you will ultimately fight Floyd one day?

MP - I think he is scared to lose. I think he knows that if he fights me, he has a good chance to lose.

8CN - I think a lot of fans think that Manny

MP - (Laughs)

8CN - How many more fights do you think you have left in your career?

MP - It's hard to say right now but 3 to 4 more fights.

8CN - If you do win your seat in the election, will you still be involved in boxing?

MP - Maybe I will keep on fighting.

8CN - So you might still fight even if you win the election?

MP - Yes.

8CN - OK, Manny I know you're busy so do you have any closing thoughts for the fans out there?

MP - OK Brad thank you, and to all of the fans I say thank you very much. I hope everyone watches my fight on March 13th in Dallas. Thank you Brad.


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