Thursday, January 28, 2010

Margarito deserves a shot against Pacquiao

By Esteban Garduno: After serving his year suspension from the California Athletic Commission, it’s high time that former IBF welterweight champion Antonio Margarito (37-6, 27 KO’s) be allowed to fight against. Presently, Margarito has applied to have his license renewed by the Texas Athletic Commission rather than the California Commission. It makes sense, because Margarito is planning to fight on the undercard of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey fight on March 13th at the Dallas Cowboy stadium.

But it’s also the smart thing to do, because the California Athletic Commission might not give Margarito his boxing license back this year, even though he’s done his year suspension. Last year in January, Margarito’s hand wraps were found to have an illegal substance inside. Margarito said that he wasn’t aware that there was anything inside.

Margarito lost his license anyway for a year by the California Commission. But the year is over, it’s time that Margarito be allowed to fight again. And if Margarito beats his March 13th opponent, Carson Jones, I’m hoping that Margarito can be set up with a fight against World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Pacquiao.

I think this would be a great fight. And for those boxing fans who think that Margarito should be banned for life for the hand wrap incident, all I can say is what about all the fighters that are caught using steroids and growth hormones? Why aren’t they banned for life? If you don’t think that a chemical that helps you put on muscle and hit harder than you normally don’t help you, then I think people are being naive.

Performance enhancing drugs allow a fighter to hit someone harder than their body would naturally allow them to. Granted, the steroids and growth hormones probably don’t help for fights that go into the later rounds were conditioning becomes a factor, but I suspect that they do help in the first half of the fights.

And I also think it helps some unethical fighters put on bulk to move up in weight so they can make more money. I don’t think it’s easy to put on 15 to 20 pounds of pure muscle in three to six months. I don’t know that you really can. For fighters to move up in weight like that, a lot of the weight that they put isn’t muscle when they’re moving up in weight so quickly.

So my thoughts are if fighters found dirty with steroids or growth hormones in their bodies aren’t being banned for life, then why should Margarito be? To me, they both seem to come out to being the same thing. How can a fighter who uses steroids and/or growth hormone be allowed to continue boxing while a fighter who pads his gloves can’t? Both of them would seem to me to be dangerous.

This is why I think Margarito deserves a second chance against Jones initially and then Pacquiao later on in 2010. He’s done his time and given that there’s no laws saying that he should be banned for life from boxing, then I think he should be able to fight again. Boxers need to be able to have a second chance if they screw up. But if fans and the commissions do want to make it impossible for fighters like Margarito to fight again, then I think they need to apply the same standards for fighters using growth hormones and steroids.


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