Thursday, January 21, 2010

Manny Pacquiao comes "Clean" over Steroid / Drug Accusations

Manny Pacquiao is "clean" and that was a strong message he delivered to reporters on Wednesday while promoting his upcoming March 13th bout against Joshua Clottey. Pacquiao feels that the Olympic style drug testing demands from Mayweather's camp has put him unfairly in a bad light.

In regards to being some sort of cheat who could be utilizing some steroid or performance enhancing drugs, Pacquiao who has never failed the numerous drug test before fights, denied the claims, stating: "It's not true. He's accusing me. I want to clear my name because I'm a very honest person."

Pacquiao went on to add that he is "clean" and is "disappointed" in the accusations. Stating he was not cheating, Pacquiao told the press: "I'm very disappointed for what he accused me of. I'm clean... I'm not cheating... I'm a very honest fighter."

Quick Hit: According to Ring Magazine, ESPN and, Manny Pacquiao is the Pound for Pound King. Floyd Mayweather Jr. was second on each list.


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