Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pacquiao going to end up in hospital—Clottey cook

GRAPEVINE, Texas – (UPDATE) Joshua Clottey trusts fellow Ghanaian Kwaku Gyamfi with his life.

The gargantuan man, nearly six feet tall and around 300 pounds, on the other hand, swoons over Clottey’s boxing skills and swears his countryman will run away with Manny Pacquiao’s World Boxing Organization welterweight crown when they tangle on March 13 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Not only that, Gyamfi, who acts as Clottey’s cook and assistant, believes his countryman will either pummel Pacquiao into submission or beat him up so badly the Filipino ring icon won’t be able to perform in his post-fight party for the first time.

“He [Manny] will be going straight to the hospital, with his face cut up and bruised,” Gyamfi told Manila-based sportswriters in a chance encounter at a Gaylord Texan Hotel bar here Tuesday. “He’s going to be hit by a brick.”

Gyamfi, who attends to Clottey’s needs at the Bronx in New York, said the secret to Clottey’s strength lies in African food.

In the HBO pre-fight documentary of the Pacquiao-Clottey fight dubbed Road to Dallas, Gyamfi was shown cooking salmon slices and vegetables for Clottey, who unlike him, didn’t predict an easy victory over Pacquiao.

Like Clottey, chief trainer Lenny DeJesus, believes The Event is going to be tough and interesting.

“This [Pacquiao-Clottey] is a dangerous fight,” said the 64-year-old DeJesus, who’s worked with Pacquiao and Hall-of-Famer trainer Freddie Roach as cutman for five fights from 2003-2005.

DeJesus said he respected both, but insists his partnership with Clottey has been a good one and is capable of toppling boxing’s No. 1 tandem.

“Roach may spring up a surprise for me, but I also have a surprise for him,” said DeJesus. “If he knew this is going to be an easy fight he would be talking, but he’s being careful.”

DeJesus said Clottey sparred for only 90 rounds, all against southpaws, as he sent all of his spar mates out after four rounds.



  1. Give DeJesus and the cook glasses of water. Must be difficult chewing and swallowing those words now.

    Clottey's strength?
    DeJesus's "surprise" for Roach?

    I feel embarrassed for both of them.

  2. Give DeJesus and the cook glasses of water--must be difficult to chew and swallow those words now.

    Clottey's strength? DeJesus's "surprise" to Roach?

    I almost feel embarrassed for both of them


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