Thursday, March 11, 2010

Clottey won’t back down vs Pacquiao’s attacks

In as much as he has high regard for Manny Pacquiao, Joshua Clottey wouldn’t think twice engaging the Filipino World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion in fierce exchanges once only the two of them are inside the ring.

Boxing, according to Clottey, is nothing but business.

“I’ll make sure that if I throw a few [punches] it’s going to connect. And I’m going to cause damage. I believe in that," Clottey told reporters who gathered around him shortly after Wednesday's final press conference for his 12-round fight with Pacquiao at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium this Saturday (Sunday in Manila).

“If he’s going to throw a thousand punches, then I’ll block a thousand punches. And that will get him thinking I’m not going to back down. I’m not going to go backward. I’m going to stay there. I’ll make him fight. I want him to fight for the first time."

Without being indifferent to Pacquiao’s vaunted power, Clottey said he can’t wait to finally come face-to-face with the Filipino superstar for him to personally test once and for all if there is any truth to the Pacman’s legendary speed and strength.

“I want to see if I’m gonna feel Manny Pacquiao’s punches. Call me crazy, but I just want to see that," said the challenger from Ghana, who holds a two inch advantage in height (5-foot-8) and one-and-a-half inch in reach (68) over the seven-time world champion.

As usual, Pacquiao, wearing a black-red jacket with matching fedora hat, was gracious to his Ghanaian opponent, whom he referred to as a “very nice person" in a manner opposite to his menacing personality inside the ring.

He never forgot, too, to say how he will impress the crowd of about 40,000 who will troop to the $1.2 billion stadium, stressing he doesn’t want to disappoint them.

So off went Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach to the rescue, putting some zing to the event by coming up with a few juicy quotes alluding to Clottey’s fight plan.

“Blocking punches doesn’t win fights," said the four-time Trainer of the Year. “I think we can stop him in the late rounds. The accumulation of punches he’ll be taking in this fight he’s never seen before. I don’t think he’ll be able to handle it."

With no bad blood existing between the two, both Pacquiao and Clottey were all smiles during their customary face-off at the center of the stage shortly after the press conference, with the lovely Dallas Cowgirls cheering them behind.

It was the same thing when they stood back-to-back and side-to-side.

When it was over, Clottey (35-3, 21 KOs) even gave Pacquiao (50-3, 38 KOs) a warm hug before taking separate ways at the opposite end of the stage.

“No matter what happens in the ring, my respect for him will remain," said Clottey, the former International Boxing Federation (IBF) welterweight king.

source: GMANews.TV

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