Friday, February 12, 2010

Why did Pacquiao have to pick Clottey as an opponent?

Pacquiao vs ClotteyBy Dave Lahr: Out of all the welterweights in the top 15, why on earth did Manny Pacquiao and his team select Joshua Clottey to fight on March 13th? I can’t understand that pick in a million years. Why didn’t Pacquiao fight Shane Mosley or Andre Berto instead? Come on, those guys would much more interesting than a Clottey fight.

Mosley was practically begging for a fight with Pacquiao to the point where he was willing to agree to one of those god awful catch weights just to fight him. Why didn’t he get selected? All I can say about the choice of Clottey is that it was poor one.

If this wasn’t Pacquiao’s doing, then he should have stood up on his hind legs and said no. Give me Mosley, Berto or better yet, give me Juan Manuel Marquez. I’d even settle for Saul Alvarez. I can’t even get into the Pacquiao-Clottey fight. I just keep picturing Clottey hanging on the ropes and Pacquiao pounding away at him like it’s some glorified sparring match. Yeah, Clottey has a chance to win, but only if he lands a lucky punch in the bread basket of Pacquiao. I think he can stop Pacquiao if he lands a hard shot to the body that Pacquiao is isn’t expecting.


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