Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Setting the Manny Pacquiao Record Straight

There seems to be a claim that I’m “anti-Pacquiao.” But I think you are mistaking "bias" with "top level writing."

And great writing will win any argument. Don't hate me for being unbiased and down the middle.

I am one of Pacquiao’s biggest fans. I’ve said many times in the past what a great fighter he is.

I just wish he’d grow a set and stop acting like a girl.

He has a reputation for cherry picking opponents, and HAS to beat elite opponents to get respect.

He can keep beating up on these bag of cements for as long as he wants. To once and for all prove that he is better than the sixth-ranked Welterweight in the division, he needs to fight a guy who has the skills to beat him—Mayweather, Mosely, Marquez. But until he does, he won’t convince anyone.

Where he stands now: He’d go into any Mayweather fight as a big underdog.

That’s your PFP No. 1, and that’s how much the title means if you don’t take these challenges.

Always second best.

Again, I am a huge fan of his work. It’s just hard to like a guy who’d probably turn down a bout with my wife, on Roach's advice, as she looked a bit too mobile in her Yoga classes.

”We aren’t fighting her. She runs. It would be a boring fight”.

Roach is like the guys baby sitter. If he’s not running his mouth about potential opponents, he’s making excuses for not taking skilled fighters. The usual one being:

”They don’t come to fight. They run. It will be boring”.

What trainer doesn’t get bored by watching their guy get taken to school for 12 rounds. He’s already seen it happen three times by skilled guys. I bet it will be boring!

I also respect Roach fully. But at the same time, he has to be the biggest trash-talking fool I’ve ever seen in boxing for the way he protects his guys. The guy was in the media trashing Golden Boy on the Thursday (as Pacquiaos trainer) and was praising them in the media on Saturday (as Khans trainer). Sheeks!

I’m Pacquiao’s biggest fan. I have stated NUMEROUS times what a great fighter he is. So don’t claim that.

But at the same time, he won’t get my full respect until he stops cherry picking fights and acting like a girl.

To be honest, I’m not convinced Pacquiao is even smart enough to realise who he is even boxing, so maybe it’s Roach who is plain scared to put him with anyone who knows how to slip a punch.

I am a BIG Pacquiao fan. I just get frustrated by his general cowardice.

Source: bleacherreport.com

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