Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pacquiao must attack Clottey's Body

Clottey vs PacquiaoFreddie Roach the trainer of Pacquiao has arrived with a different masterly strategy for his student the WBO Welterweight Champion Manny “PACMAN” Pacquiao in his future fight on March 13th, 2010 against Joshua Clottey. In a piece at Fight Fan, Freddie Roach said that “He’s [speaking clottey] got a good chin and so forth, but no one chins don’t always take it into the body.” You think? Thank you saying me something I do not know, Freddie. As troubles taking shots to the body in his fights alongside with Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto.

If you observe equally those fights, Clottey slowed way down after Margarito and Cotto ongoing beating him into the body with serious hook Clottey then used up the remainder of the fight bond to the ropes creating a deprived replication of Muhammad Ali’s rope-a-dope. It would be a total throw away of time for Pacquiao to even aim to get Pacquiao out with head shots, because not only Clottey take a grand shot with no viewing any signs of being wounded, but he keeps a high safeguard at all times and it’s difficult to enter with good shots.

Clottey’s midsection is frequently wide open and an attractive objective for punches. This really the only choice Pacquiao will have if he wants to land anything in the clash. Its is good that Roach ready us all attentive of what Pacquiao is setting up on doing, though, as if I already didn’t know. I just expect Pacquiao is smart enough to follow Roach’s plan and not begin head hunting like he always do.

If Pacquiao do this, Pacquiao will finish up most likely throbbing his hands and taking a lot of shorts in return. Pacquiao has his hands complete anyway because he’s so small and not an actual welterweight in terms of casing. So think Pacquiao is most likely going to go head hunting and will pay no attention to Clottey’s midsection after giving him a few puny shots. I’ve never seen any of Pacquiao’s fights where he’s paid much concentration to throwing to the body.

Manny Pacquiao will most likely obstinately remain throwing to the head, and basically pay no attention to what Roach is telling to him. This will create the fight harder for Pacquiao and make Roach frantic in his area. I think Pacquiao will still triumph the fight, but he’s going to come out of the fight looking more like the loser than the winner. But what can you do? Pacquiao will hit up even if he goes to the body as well.

This is Clottey’s big possibility and he’s not going away to roll over on his back and boot up his legs similar to a dog and create it easy for Pacquiao. He’s going to pound Pacquiao and mess up his skin probably. Pacquiao might not be able to chant that night. He required the fight. Getting packed down up is the result of messing around with a tough fighter like Clottey.

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