Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pacquiao-Clottey: This fight has mismatch written all over it

By Chris Williams: In looking at the March 13th fight between Joshua Clottey and Manny Pacquiao it doesn’t seem likely that Clottey is going to be able to pull off a win over the faster Pacquiao. This fight appears to have everything in Pacquiao’s favor. You name it, Pacquiao is the much superior fighter. I got to give credit to Top Rank, the promotional team for Pacquiao, they found the perfect opponent for him to not only get a win again but also have a good chance to look against.

However, is Clottey really the best opponent for boxing fans if they wanted to see Pacquiao tested? I mean I’m alright with watching a mismatch every now and then, but I prefer to not know ahead a time about how bad of a mismatch it is so I can save my time and money watching the thing. But this fight has mismatch written all over it from the word go, and it’s somewhat unsettling that the fight is being put on pay-per-view and placed in a huge stadium like the Dallas Cowboy stadium, in Arlington.

It seems to me that those kinds of things should be put aside for fights that are actually supposed to be a competitive afraid, not an organized slaughter. In match making, I know they want to make sure they put Pacquiao in fights that they know he can win, hence Pacquiao not being matched up against the likes of Paul Williams.

It’s about match making and keeping your fighter in fights that they can actually win, but for me, I hate the idea of watching a fight that’s a mismatch going in. What’s the point if you know one of the fighters has basically no chance of winning. Yeah, I know Clottey technically has a slight chance of beating Pacquiao, but I see it as being so small that it’s not even appealing.

If I wanted to see a slaughter, I’d watch one of the free fights that they show on one Friday nights where they match a top prospect against a scrub fighter. It’s about as interesting watching those fights as it will probably be to watch Pacquiao beat up on a vastly over-matched Clottey. Again, I don’t mind seeing a mismatch, but not one that I have to pay to see. And when you look at how crummy the undercard is, it makes it even worse.

Source: boxingnews24.com

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