Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mayweather-Mosley and Pacquiao-Clottey analysis

By By Benjamin Dover: I have been thinking hard about the two bouts coming up and i’m going to start with the main one. On May 1st you have Mayweather-Mosley, a fight boxing fans have been waiting and waiting for and now it’s finally happening. You have Floyd Mayweather 40-0 (25 KO’s) and Shane Mosley 46-5 (39 KO’s.)

I see this fight being a close one for the first 4-5 rounds with Mosley looking to pressure Floyd and trying to make him fight. I see Shane throwing a lot but not landing many along the way, similar to the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight.

I see Mayweather using the shoulder roll and the defensive genius when Mosley has him on the ropes and when Mosley gets him too the centre of the ring, Mayweather will be using that whiplash like jab and printing it on Mosley’s already very flat nose. Shane has a lot of power and can trouble Floyd if he can connect but how can you hit a guy who is so technically smart and has the skills and IQ that Mayweather has. It’ll be a great fight between two of the greatest fighters of their era’s but in the end I see Mayweather winning around an 8 rounds to 4 decision. Mosley has a lot of power and speed but he does throw wild at times and he does have trouble with boxers and there isn’t no better boxer than Floyd Mayweather.

On March 13th we have Pacquiao-Cottey, a completely different fight compared to Mayweather-Mosley. I see Pacquiao-Clottey being more of a brawl in a sense that Pacquiao will be using his speed and angles to hit Clottey. I think Clottey is a tough welterweight and a good fighter but he is tailor made for Pacquiao. He doesn’t move and has the tendency to stop throwing in the last few rounds and just stand there taking shots, against a fighter who throws and pressures like Pacquiao, this isn’t a smart move. I see Pacquiao winning a clear decision or maybe being the first person to stop Clottey in the later rounds. It all depends on Clottey, he needs to cover up well and use his boxing skills and power, because he does have that in his locker. He just has the tendency to take his foot off the gas I think it’s a stamina and weight issue because he does struggle to make weight limits.

After both of these bouts I see Mayweather and Pacquiao both coming out on top and again everyone will be talking about who’s better than who and debating the two fighters. Hopefully after May 1st were talking about Mayweather-Pacquiao once again.


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