Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pacquiao puts Krista Ranillo issue to bed

Just as Manny “Pacman" Pacquiao can’t be knocked down, the issue linking him to actress Krista Ranillo just won’t quit. One can only imagine how much stress the subject continues to stir up in the Pacquiao household.

Tongues started wagging anew when Pacquiao left for the US on January 17, 2010 and Krista followed six days later. What may have been sheer coincidence threatened to break open a can of worms that Pacquiao thought he had already gotten rid of.

When Ranillo was met by media at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, she was skittish. She disclosed that she was headed for Los Angeles to visit a sick sibling.

Coincidentally, Pacquiao was also in Los Angeles to train for his March 13, 2010 fight with Joshua Clottey. Thus, Ranillo had to clarify that she was not going to visit Pacquiao. She also disclosed that she had no plans whatsoever of watching his fight.

For his part, Pacquiao, in an interview at the Wild Card Gym, dismissed malicious allegations that he and Ranillo have been seen “buying groceries" or “stepping out for dinner" in Los Angeles. “Walang katotohanan ang mga ’yun (Those stories aren’t true)," he stated.

Pacquiao added that he was constantly in touch with his wife Jinkee and that she knew where he was practically all the time. “They’re just trying to ruin my name and [break up] my family," he further said about rabid rumormongers.

Then again, Pacquiao has to realize that this issue may be harder to knock down than all his past opponents.


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  1. we should not comment much on this issue and let us leave this matter to pacquiao...


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