Friday, February 5, 2010

Joshua Clottey Out To Clot Manny Pacquiao's Flow of Success

Pacquiao vs ClotteyNowadays in the boxing world, it seems the name Manny Pacquiao is synonymous to overwhelming success. More often than not, when people talk about boxing they talk about Pacquiao. It's Pacquiao, Pacquiao, and Pacquiao most of the time.

Of course, American boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr. is also an in demand boxer but that's another story. For now, let us have a closer look at the gladiator who is determined to change this trend after March 13, 2010.

Joshua Clottey (35-3-0-20KO), the rugged warrior from Ghana, is a lot more than what he is given credit for. Some are saying that Clottey will just be an easy prey because he cannot handle Manny's lighting fast combinations. I beg to disagree for he was able to beat Zab Judah who happens to be a speedy fighter also.

I am not saying that Clottey will be able to neutralize Pacquiao's speed. All I am saying is that he definitely has a legitimate chance of successfully dealing with it.
The analogy that since Cotto beat Clottey and Pacquiao beat Cotto means Pacquiao will also beat Clottey is something that I do not totally agree to. Note that Cotto beat Mosley then Margarito beat Cotto but when Mosley and Margarito squared off it was Mosley that made Antonio" The Tijuana Tornado" Margarito stop twirling in nine brutal rounds.

Pacquiao maybe the heavy favorite but anything can happen in this fight.

Everyone expects Pacquiao to display his usual ring brilliance but one of my main concern here is will he train as hard as he would have trained if he was facing Mayweather? I honestly don't think so and this might cause his eventual downfall because I know Clottey will train as if his life depended on it. If Pacquiao will not be ready to rumble for 12 hard rounds then he is in for one hell of a night.

Remember what happened to former Jr. Flyweight Champion Brian "Hawaian Punch" Viloria last January 22, 2010? He clobbered the challenger, Carlos Tamara, until round eight but after that he slowed down and eventually got knocked out in the 12th round. He simply ran out of gas.
Although this scenario is unlikely to happen in Pacquiao's case, since it has already happened then it can very well happen again. Considering that Clottey's latest loss to Cotto was controversial (many experts claim he won that fight) and the fact that he was never knocked out before only strengthens this possibility.
Team Pacquiao better not be complacent in preparing their prized fighter or Joshua Clottey might just clot all your dreams and aspirations.

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