Sunday, February 7, 2010

Clottey given tips on how to break Pacquiao

FORCE MANNY PACQUIAO to fight inside, wear down his body and keep him on the ropes.

That’s the unsolicited advice Ghanaian Joshua Clottey got from former light middleweight and middleweight champion John David Jackson.

In an interview by on Thursday, Jackson said “Pacquiao is not a good inside fighter... and he also can’t fight off the ropes. Clottey has to capitalize on that. If he can do that, he can beat him.”

Jackson, now a trainer, is referring to Clottey’s chances of taking away Pacquiao’s World Boxing Organization welterweight crown which will be at stake when they tangle on March 13 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Jackson, who previously took potshots at the Filipino ring icon for not taking on black fighters, added that Clottey also needs to apply constant pressure throughout the 12-round bout to boost his chances.

“Pacquiao has no quit in him and he will fight for three minutes of every round,” said Jackson. “He’s going to fight you, he’s going to bring the fight to you.”

Analyzing Clottey’s past performances, Jackson, however, noted that the Ghanaian seems to be incapable of a relentless attack.

According to Jackson, Clottey “fights in spurts.” That is he can be dominating in one stage and then inexplicably eases up on his opponent.

Still, Jackson believes that if Clottey can use his strengths, and find the right people and the right program, he stands a good chance of unseating Pacquiao as pound-for-pound king.


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