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Ala Villamor on Pacquiao, Gorres and Melligen

Big things do come in small packages. Edito “Ala” Villamor was a promising contender in the Strawweight division before sustaining a career-ending hand injury. His hand was operated on in 1993 but never healed properly. He retired in 1996 with a record of 29-2-1 and a remarkable 81% KO rate. As head trainer for the renowned ALA Boxing Gym in Cebu City, Philippines, Ala Villamor is still very active in the sport. He is currently training several up-and-coming contenders and prospects such as Milan Melindo, Rey Bautista, AJ Banal, Jason Melligen, and WBO Minimumweight champion, Donnie Nietes. He is also the trainer of Z Gorres who is recovering from a subdural hematoma. Gorres collapsed after his last bout—a victory over Luis Melendez on Oct. 13, 2009. Mr. Villamor was gracious enough to take time out to talk to 8CN about Z Gorres, Manny Pacquiao, and Jason Melligen’s upcoming “Pinoy Power 3” bout with Raymond Gatica.

8CN: How are you doing, Mr. Villamor?

AV: We are ok here. We are busy in training because we have a lot of up-coming fights for our boxers. Our manager, Mr. Ala [Aldeguer] is also busy in promoting.

8CN: Our thoughts and prayers have been with Z Gorres. I hear he’s making a remarkable recovery. Have you been able to speak with him since he’s been hospitalized in the United States?

AV: Yes, I talked with Z last week and he is better. He’s still making progress and it is a miracle!

He is able to move his left side, but still more rehab needs to be done so he can gain his strength back.

8CN: Would you like to say anything to all the fans and supporters of Z?

AV: On behalf of ALA Boxing Gym, I would like to thank all the people who love Z, all who support him, and all who have prayed for him. It’s a big help to his recovery.

8CN: Before you were a trainer, you were a talented fighter yourself. Your KO percentage is astounding. Do you miss being a boxer?

AV: Yes, I miss being a boxer, but because of my left hand got fractured I had to stop fighting at the age of 25 years old.

8CN: What effect has Manny Pacquiao’s success had on providing new opportunities for Filipino boxers?

AV: It is Pacquiao that opened the door for the world to recognize that we have a lot of Filipinos that are good Fighters

8CN: Any predictions on the Pacquiao-Clottey fight?

AV: I think Manny will win the Clottey fight. He has great strength and speed.

It’s going to be a good fight.

8CN: Let’s talk about some of the great boxers you’re currently training. How are things going at the ALA Boxing Gym?

AV: All of our boxers here a doing great. They’re always in training for their next fight. I am hoping that one of them will follow Manny’s footsteps.

8CN: We’re all looking forward to Top Rank’s upcoming “Pinoy Power 3” on Feb. 13. Any word on how Mark Melligen is doing in his training in the US?

AV: Before Mark Melligen went to America, we trained here for 2 months and he was in very good condition. In America, he’s had another month of training and is in great condition. I hope that he will show all the training in the gym in this fight.

8CN: What’s your prediction for the outcome of Melligan’s upcoming fight with Raymond Gatica?

AV: This is a hard fight for Melligen because his opponent has a good record with no losses. He needs to win this fight so he can make up for the loss he took last Nov.13th

8CN: You’re training some excellent up-and-coming fighters. What are the plans in 2010 for your fighters and yourself?

AV: We are preparing a lot for 2010. I am hoping that it will be fulfilling for them, for our country and to all people that support boxing.

8CN: I truly appreciate the interview Mr. Villamor. Any final thoughts or anything you’d like to add?

AV: You’re welcome. Thank you also for your support and for giving our boxers exposure. What you do for us is a big help. God bless and more power to your family circle. Keep in touch.

8CN: Thanks and God bless you and your boxers.

Special thanks to Ritchie Scoggins for acting as interpreter for this interview.


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