Monday, January 25, 2010

Sparring mates will be key in preparing Pacquiao for Clottey

Los Angeles - Manny Pacquiao's next welterweight foe may not have the marquee name that past opponents like Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, or Ricky Hatton did, but Joshua Clottey is just as dangerous challenger.

Clottey, 35-3, 20 KOs, stands five foot, eight inches, will not fade over the course of twelve championship rounds, and challenge Pacquiao at every second of every round with a solid straight right and the ability to throw efficient combinations.

As training picks up for Pacquiao in Hollywood's Wild Card Gym over the next few weeks, trainer Freddie Roach will be in charge of selecting suitable sparring partners to prepare the Filipino icon for his battle with Clottey. These sparring partners need to assist Pacquiao in conditioning himself, as well as emulating the tactics and skills Clottey brings to the ring.

Early reports point to the use of Shawn Porter and Amir Khan as key sparring partners in Pacquiao's camp.

Porter, a 22 year old junior middleweight who sparred with Pacquiao before, is a suitable mate, as his height and weight will condition Pacquiao's body to the metronome pace Clottey will attempt to pound out on March 13 in Dallas, Texas.

Khan, a rising star in boxing, is five feet, ten inches tall, and his speed and skill will keep Pacquiao's own skills sharp for the bout with Clottey.

Though I have not received or read a complete report on the boxers whole will spar with Pacquiao, Roach would be clever in adding in former junior middleweight title holder and middle weight contender Roman Karmazin into the mix.

Karmazin is a much larger fighter and over the course of several sparring sessions could add the final ingredient in preparing Pacquiao.


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