Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pacquiao vs Clottey: You can beat it

I'm going to go through upcoming fights and give you my predictions. Proceed at your own risk....

January 16 -- Vanes Martirosyan vs Kassim Ouma: It's "The Dream" vs "The Nightmare" in what could possibly be an entertaining fight. Martirosyan has been groomed to be a champion since his debut in '05 and with each fight he inches closer and closer to the goal. A win over Ouma puts a nice name on his record an another inch closer. Ouma, a former IBF Jr. Middleweight champion, has seen his better days behind him; however, a win over Martirosyan puts his name back in the mix and possibly bigger paydays.

Prediction: As I stated above this fight does have potential to be entertaining but that all depends on which Ouma shows up. It has been a minute since we have seen Ouma the volume puncher who overwhelms opponents with this 100+ punches a round. If Kassim can tap into the fighter of old it will be an interesting fight. The chances of that Ouma showing up? Pretty slim. I would have to say that's why I'm picking Vane Martirosyan by UD. The early rounds may be interesting but Vanes will take complete control in the 4th round and run away with it.

January 30 -- Shane Mosley vs Andre Berto: The other welterweight fight that hasn't been getting much attention these days due to the Mayweather -- Pacquiao fiasco. Shane Mosley has been the third wheel on the Pacquiao Mayweather date for the past year. He's even played the role of the annoying friend when he cut off Mayweather while Floyd was being interviewed by Max Kellerman. So rather than be the third wheel he moved on and got a date of his own against Andre Berto. This is a great fight for Berto; it really is a win-win situation for him. If he loses, hey, he lost to one of the best fighters in the world. He'll bounce back, and if he wins he puts himself in the mix for being a possible opponent for Pacquiao - Mayweather in the future.

Prediction: I really believe this is going to be good fight. Before the Mayweather - Pacquiao fight fell apart people were already talking about the two winners from the fights meeting each other. Now with the fight off, the winner is a possible candidate for either Mayweather or Pacquiao to fight in the future. I'm going to go with Mosley by decision in a very entertaining fight. Berto is good but still young and I believe he'll make a lot of noise down the road.

March 6 -- Arthur Abraham vs Andre Dirrell: The Super Six continues with an interesting bout. Abraham, a favorite to win the entire tournament meets the slick Dirrel in the second stage of the Super Six. Dirrell fought a close fight against Carl Froch in stage one, losing a close decision. Dirrell ran and looked sloppy throughout much of the fight, something he can't do against Abraham who looked like a beast against Jermain Taylor in round one of the tourney.

Prediction: Dirrell needs to keep his distance but he can't run from Abraham because he will be caught sooner or later. He'll have to use his hand and foot speed to keep Abraham away. Abraham, on the other hand, is going to continue to do what he does best and that's keep coming forward and applying pressure. The early to middle rounds may be a bore fest if Dirrell decides to run, but sooner or later Abraham will catch him and knock him out. Arthur Abraham by 9th round TKO.

March 13 -- Manny Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey: It pains me to even write that! It should be Pacquiao vs Mayweather but rarely does it go as planned in the boxing world. With Manny and Floyd unable to come to terms, Clottey became the luckiest fighter in boxing, winning the Manny Pacquiao lottery. It's not the super fight that we had all hoped for but it's something I guess.

Prediction: While some of you may not know who Joshua Clottey is I bet you will after March 13. Clottey isn't a bum the Pacquiao camp drew out of a hat, he's a legit world class fighter with an iron chin. Does he have what it takes to derail Pacquiao? Highly unlikely, but he will give Pacquiao rounds and some offense of his own. Pacquiao wins a decision and hopefully fights the winner or Mosley - Berto or better yet Floyd Mayweather but I won't be holding my breath.

April 17, Carl Froch vs Mikkel Kessler: This could be the best fight in the second stage of the super six. Kessler really has something to prove after the one sided beating he took from Andre Ward. Froch beat Andre Dirrell in stage one but it was far from impressive. While Kessler needs the win more then Froch as far as the Super Six standings go, I'm sure Froch would love to look dominant, something he didn't do against Dirrell.

Prediction: I'm not sure which way most people are leaning when it comes to this fight but I'm going with Kessler. He must have a bad taste in his mouth after getting spanked by Ward. Kessler is going to dominate from round one and score a tenth round TKO.


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