Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pacquiao VS Clottey This Coming March

The number one pound-for-pound boxer of the world, the Philippines’ pride, Manny Pacquiao, will be in the battle ground again as he will be fighting a boxer from Ghana, Joshua Clottey this coming March. The dream match between MannyPacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been canceled because of fizzled out talks between the two boxers. So, Manny will fight Clottey instead of Mayweather Jr.

As the record says, Clottey had a so-so records from his past fights. He won in the fight between him and Zab Judah last August 2008 but lost a split decision to Miguel Cotto this last June. Clottey is a great boxer but the fact that he was defeated by Miguel Cotto who was defeated by Manny Pacquaio, then there’s a huge probability that Pacman will win the fight against the Ghanaian boxer.

The Pacquiao VS Clottey battle will be another huge event in the boxing history and to the world. Catch it this coming March.


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