Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pacquiao still seeking Floyd

Manny Pacquiao is still holding out hopes of fighting Floyd Mayweather Jnr later this year.

Speaking at a press conference to promote his upcoming fight with Joshua Clottey, the Filipino said he was innocent of drug-cheating allegations leveled at him by Team Mayweather.
The pair were all set to fight in March before the Mayweather camp insisted on a stringent blood-testing regime, implying Pacquiao's rise through the ranks has not been entirely all his own doing.
Pacquiao filed a lawsuit for defamation but refused to agree to the tests, leaving discussions between the two camps to run dry.
The WBO welterweight champion will now defend the title against Clottey at the home of the Dallas Cowboys, but Pacquiao still has Mayweather on his mind.
"I believe the fight will happen some other time," he said. "It will happen.
"It's not true. He's accusing me. I want to clear my name because I'm a very honest person.
"I'm very disappointed for what he accused me of. I'm clean. I'm not cheating. I'm a very honest fighter.
"I'm still hoping the fight will be pushed through, maybe by summer time. It would be a good fight if it happened."
Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach agreed with his fighter in admitted the bout was too big not to take place.
"I think it's going to happen," Roach said. "I think it's likely. Maybe Mayweather is up to doing this to get more press, I don't know.
"We're not going to sit around and wait for this guy. Manny was really excited about that fight. Hopefully it will happen some day."


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