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Pacquiao: naturally intelligent but clueless...can still withdraw his bid for a congressional seat

HOLLYWOOD, California, January 25, 2010 - Call it a mockery at Congress. But, it's almost close to it!

In an exclusive interview today by this writer, Monsignor Roger Fuentes, the rector and professor of the Seminary College at the University of San Carlos in Cebu, Philippines, expressed his concerns about Pound-for-Pound King Manny Pacquiao's foray into politics. His overtones speak volume of sincerity from a man who believes Pacquiao will only "promote division" in the lone district of Sarangani in which he is vying for the congressional seat this coming May 10 elections.

"Pacquiao's stance should be for unity since that's what he has always been campaigning for each time he fights in the boxing arena," said the religious reformator who sat down with this writer in a private party at Ronnie and Grace Pomar's residence in Culver City.

The said cleric visits California to grace the annual fiesta celebration of Senior Santo NiƱo at the St. Agustine Church in Culver City, which took place last Saturday.

"No doubt, he is naturally intelligent. But, the intricacy of a congressional seat requires academic intelligence, which Pacquiao does not have nor does he have that par with Roy Chongbian, who is also running for the same seat from the Chongbian dynasty that reigns in the province of Sarangani for over two decades now," the cleric added.

Monsignor Fuentes said, "They said if Pacquiao's budget for his congressional bid is P1 billion, the Chongbians said they are ready to match it by P2-billion."

"So Pacquiao's best option is to withdraw his candidacy," he added.

"Some of Pacquiao's sycophants and some of local 'pretenders' or some 'defectors' from the camp of Chongbian must be ready to get rich instantly as I am sure they have already laid out plans to pocket Pacquiao's millions," said Ricky Gavini, one of the active participants during the interview.

"Pacquiao is clueless," he added.

Meanwhile, in another exclusive interview via Facebook's private chatline, Congresswoman Jocelyn Limkaichong, who toppled the more 20-year old political dynasty of the Paras bloodlines in the first district of Oriental Negros, remains numbed when asked by this writer to suggest as to what strategy must Filipino Boxing Superstar Manny Pacquio adopt in order to snatch the congressional seat in the lone district of Sarangani from the Chongbian dynasty.

But, she otherwise suggested as well that Pacquiao should just withdraw his candidacy.

"If truly Manny Pacquiao has sincere and concerned friends, then they should advise him not to run for the congressional seat," said the daughter of business tycoon, Don Julio Sy.

Limkaichong, who had no mayors or barangay captains, except in the town of La Libertad where she served as mayor, overwhelmingly won over the wife of former, outgoing Congressman Jacinto Paras, Olivia Paras, and also over three-time former Congressman Jerry Paras who reigned just when the first Edsa Revolution transpired in 1986 until mid-nineties, also the brother of the same who ran concurrently for the same position and in the same district Oriental Negros in 2007 elections. Thus, Limkaichong's easy rise to congress was an unprecedented victory against a well-entrenched political clan.

On the other hand, Limkaichong believes Pacquiao is more effective by just simply being who he is ...the world's greatest pound for pound boxing champion.

"He has made the Filipino nation truly proud of his achievements in sports...and let it remain that way!" she added.

Meanwhile, Limkaichong's priority projects form the acronym, Heart—health, education, agriculture, roads, trade and tourism.

In the intervening time, health is Limkaichong's first priority. She organizes weekly medical missions to her district. At the same time, she has put in P3.2 million in the different specialty hospitals in Manila and Cebu to take care of medical needs which require advanced treatment. These include the Vicente Sotto Medical Center in Cebu, the Philippine General Hospital, Philippine Heart Center, National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Children’s National Hospital and Lung Center of the Philippines.

Limkaichong implies in her brief message that Pacquiao can do more of what his heart wants without getting into politics, banking on the latter's lack of credentials and education to tackle the legislative role of a congressman.

On the other hand, former Sarangani Gov. Priscilla Chiongbian said to this writer via telephone Friday the family has chosen Roy Chiongbian, a top executive of Eastern Shipping Lines and said to be the “gatekeeper” of the vast Chiongbian business empire involved in shipping, real estate, agri-business and others, as their official candidate for Congress come May 10, in the province.

"The anointment of Roy reportedly has the “blessings” and full-backing of the leaders, supporters and loyalists of the Chiongbians," she added.

In another related development, the Federation of the Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, according to inside report to this writer, may give full support to Roy Chongbian, the anointed successor of third-termer, incumbent Congressman Erwin Chongbian, to run against Pound -for-Pound King Manny Pacquiao for the congressional contest in the Sarangani. No word has been heard as of this press time from the President of the said giant organization, Dr. Antonio A. Uy.

The Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. has been a moving force in leading the Chinese-Filipino community to contribute to the economic growth and social development and also has been regarded as one of the key organic forces in shaping up the political dispensation of the legislative bodies, both upper and lower houses, considering the usual financial draw of investments it shares and acquires for the development of the Philippine economy.

Pacquiao already tried his luck in the first district of South Cotabato on May 17, 2007. But, he suffered a lopsided defeat to incumbent representative Darlene Antonino-Custodio, with a deficit of approximately 37,000 votes according to National Citizens Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL), a counterpart of the Philippine Government's Commission on Elections that serves as an organizational machinery for the electorate themselves to get involved in the electoral process and to protect the sanctity of the ballot so that the people's collective will could prevail over election frauds, intimidation and other dirty tactics.

Custodio had 139,061 votes, whereas Pacquiao received 75,908 votes, according to the official count by the Commission on Elections.

Pacquiao is on high gear of his training in Los Angeles, California for his March 13 bout against Joshua Clottey of Ghana for the WBO Welter Weight Championship at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The said bout is hurriedly set by Top Rank, as scheduled, after the fiasco of Pacquiao-Mayweather negotiations, in due course of the campaign period for the May 10, 2010 Philippine Elections.

Source: philboxing.com

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