Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pacquaio vs. Clottey – Who else could Manny have fought?

By Dennis Broadhurst: Manny Pacquaio is the main attraction in boxing just now, his image may or may not have been damaged by numerous accusations of steroid or PED use but let’s face it: Pacquiao is boxing at the moment. Everyone wants to see Manny fight. It may be a one sided humiliation (Oscar De La Hoya), a spectacular early knockout (Ricky Hatton), or a slightly more competitive thriller (Miguel Cotto) but we all crave to see it.

In Pacquiao’s last three fights, he has taken on fighters who all had a reason for him to fight. When he fought De La Hoya it was to make more of a name for himself with the casual boxing fans and for a big payday. When he fought Hatton, it was another well known fighter who made him a lot of money and gained him a world title, and when he fought Cotto he won another title against a very tough competitor.

Now, people are criticizing him for taking on Clottey. Well to them I ask the question “Who else?” When Pacquaio began talks with Mayweather he was treated like an amatuer, being demanded to use Olympic style drug testing instead of letting the commission decide on the testing. I think that what Manny agreed to was very fair and I don’t blame him for walking away from Mayweather.

Then there were Mosley and Berto who were already training hard for fights with each other. We then have the WBA regular champion, undefeated Vyacheslav Senchenko, not sure of his record either 30-0 or 29-0 with 20kos. Why would Pacquaio fight him? Who is he? What would Pacquaio gain from the fight? We have another “non heard of to the common fan” champion in the IBF, DeJan Zavec.

Neither of these guys are big names so why would he fight them? The only other fight I could see would be Antonio Margarito but why would anyone want to fight a proved cheat? Nobody wants to see that man back in the ring and he was destroyed by Mosley in his last fight anyway.

I see Clottey as quite a poor challenger who will present little problems for Manny who I see winning before round 8, but really there is nobody else that he could have fought. Marquez? No, he is useless at this weight. Williams? In a higher class, if he won then he would be blamed for draining an opponent (risk reward ratio not appealing). The list can go on forever but really, any of you who can think of a better challenger at that weight then let me know (


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