Thursday, January 14, 2010


Despite trainer Freddie Roach and promoter Bob Arum declaring no need for a catchweight in Manny Pacquiao's upcoming March 13th welterweight title defense against Joshua Clottey, apparently there's been a change of plans. According to Pacquiao's lawyer, Jeng Gacal, the WBO champion will indeed request his challenger to meet him at a weight south of the 147-pound limit. "We will push for the 145 [lbs.] catchweight," he would tell ABS-CBN as he revealed the deal is virtually done except for the matter of the weight.

This latest news is in direct contradiction to what nearly everyone else in Team Pacquiao has been stating. Speaking to FightHype's own OnTheGrind Boxing Team, trainer Freddie Roach originally revealed that the fight would "be at 147" and "there's no catchweight." Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum confirmed the news, stating "there's going to be no catchweight on this one." Even Pacquiao's advisor, Michael Koncz, would change his story, first saying that there was a catchweight of 144 pounds only to correct himself later stating there was no catchweight after all. Either Pacquiao's lawyer didn't get the memo or he is indeed asking for Clottey to suck down in weight as Gacal made a point to remind everyone that Clottey, like Cotto, is naturally bigger.

In all fairness to Pacquiao, Clottey is the naturally bigger man. Of course, in all fairness to Clottey, the man already has a hard time making weight and hasn't seen 145 in nearly 4 years. That being said, Clottey would likely oblige the pound-for-pound champion if he does indeed want the fight to take place at 145 pounds. After all, this will be Clottey's biggest payday ever, so rest assured, he'd cut off whatever limb is necessary in order to make the weight. Hopefully, this is just a case of bad communication and Gacal is the only one who's not on the right page.


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