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Manny Pacquiao Vs. Joshua Clottey: What the Fans Have to Say

Manny Pacquiao’s camp did not waste any time at finding a legit replacement for Floyd Mayweather Jr. Considering the circumstances and who was available, Clottey as an opponent for Pacquiao is more than we can ask for.

Clottey is one of the top fighters in the welterweight division and has an impressive record of 35 wins including three loses. What should be noted too is that he’s never been dominated in any of his losses, and one can argue that his only legit loss was against Cotto.

He was leading on all scorecards against Baldomir, but was disqualified for a low blow despite not receiving any previous warning.

Also, he was winning the first half of the fight against Margarito but injured his hand and lost the fight via a decision, and with Margarito being suspended for the use of plaster in his hands, that loss has been put into question by some people.

Joshua Clottey is a tough fighter with good defense, who is very hard to look impressive against.

Some have mentioned that it is an easy fight for Pacquiao since Clottey was beaten by Cotto; but as most boxing fans know that logic doesn’t always hold true in the sport of boxing.

Fans should not be surprise if Clottey puts up a better fight against Pacquiao than Cotto did.

For now let’s look forward to this ‘semi-final’ fight as we also await the other fight with Mayweather Jr. against a ‘mystery’ opponent to complete boxing’s version of the Final Four.

If Mayweather Jr. selects Paul Williams or Shane Mosley as an opponent, then it can only enhance the interest for the fight.

I asked for the opinions of some of the most respected boxing insiders and as well as fans. Below are their thoughts on the fight.


Mike Gardner

“Honestly, I think it's a shit fight. Clottey just lost against Cotto who Manny killed. Why should he get a title shot? This guy is made to order for Manny. Straight ahead fighter no real defense.

"But that's Arum for you. His long time feud with PBF is the real reason that fight didn't happen. Seriously I spend 10k going to see fights a year I'm not paying a Dime on this one.”

Bruce Santoro

"Well sure I appreciate you giving me a chance to voice my opinion. Frankly I'm angry about it this a poor excuse of a super fight the fans demand a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao and the feeling of people here in my city like mine feel both sides did not do enough to make that fight happen.

"I will not order the Pacquiao vs. Clottey fight because I feel bob arum and top rank are being greedy and want to keep all the money in house or maybe Manny’s test comes back positive for performance enhancing drugs I don't know but I will not purchase Pacquiao vs. Clottey on PPV"

Francisco Galicano

"Manny is the hot item in boxing right now. Fighting the elite in his weight class should tease Floyd Mayweather Jr. out of his shell and fight for the No. 1 P4P status or retire with a cloud of doubt hanging over his head, whether or not, he had indeed prevailed over the best fighters in his prime.

"The end result in this ugly Pac vs. May saga is the creation of a destructive tear in the fabric of boxing promotion that had initiated a protectionist mentality in both houses: TR fighters vs. other fighters except GBP fighters and vice-versa.

"Of course, he who captures and provide the most money will prevail, leading to the migration of fighters from one house to the other that will result in the enrichment of one house and the total destruction of the other.

"I cannot say if this is going to benefit boxing as a whole, but I would rather see that Top Rank prevails over GBP because what GBP had done to Pacquiao is inexcusable. In the world of trade and commerce, GBP had committed the worst of mortal sins: Unethical business procedures. Manny taking on Clottey is a good step forward."

Dennis Katana Oboza

“This is not gonna be an easy fight for Pac, Clottey is durable and he throws more combos than Cotto, plus, he has good endurance as well...and yes i will get the PPV!”

Eliezer Javier

“I think Clottey is a tough guy. He's big, he can punch and he got a good chin. But Manny speed and power still is the key. Again, it is definitely not an easy fight for Manny. I would predict Manny will KO Clottey in 11-12 or win a decision.”

Joey Santana

“Thanks for your interest in my opinion. I actually like this fight. It’s just too bad that most casual fans won’t care. Once again Manny is taking on bigger opposition, who also has a decent fight resume. Clottey fought Cotto, Margarito, Zab Judah and Diego Corrales since 2006.

"Going 2-2 in those fights, that’s pretty good!! We all know Manny`s resume, But this will be a difficult challenge for him. A lot of people thought Manny couldn`t knock out Cotto, and because Clottey is a pretty big welterweight, people will look at this fight the same way.

"I personally think this fight will go the distance and Manny will win by outboxing him with a lot of movements and just being better prepared by Freddie Roach. When you are in the ring with Pac, you can`t stop punching like Clottey did with Cotto. Manny doesn`t run out of gas, so Clottey better not either or he`s through!! I have to admit, I haven`t seen too much of Clottey to go on, but then again who has??

"He did come off pretty good in the Margarito fight and vs. Cotto alot of People thought He won. (I had it 114-113 Cotto) Like I said, I like this fight, it’s a good challenge for both Fighters. The problem is...... It’s not Pacquiao-Mayweather. It will definitely get attention in The New Cowboys Stadium, ( I was there in November.....its Sick!!!!!) and it may be a great fight for fight fans but it won`t have the luster of a Megafight.”

Sean Morehouse

“Probably a mirror of the Cotto fight. Clottey gets some good shots early in but just not good enough to last. Would buy it if not for Mayweather supposedly fighting on the same night.

"HBO PPV will put together a much better show than whatever Top Rank is doing on their own. Might try to go to a bar that has both if I can find one though.”

Ray Acosta

“I like the match up plus when do you see a fight in a place like the cowboys stadium. Plus a lot of people will be boycotting any Floyd and GBP. The real story is where HBO gonna put their money. “


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