Monday, January 18, 2010

Manny Pacquiao: Devil in the Ring, Angel outside the Ring

A nice and kind person can never hate a nice and kind boxer like Manny Pacquiao! I always believe that those people who hate Pacquiao are those people who are not capable of loving goodness and kindness. If others manage to hate God who is perfectly good and kind, why can't others manage to hate Pacquiao who is only an imperfect image of God???
Manny Pacquiao is a Tasmanian devil in the ring, but an angel outside the ring. In the ring he treats his opponent as someone he hates with all his heart, but outside the ring he loves his opponent with all his heart. Pacquiao is not just a boxer, he is most of all a prophet of God. He doesn't fight with his own strength, but with the strength and power of God which is infinitely greater than any other human being's. He is like that little prophet David who beat down the giant Goliath, because he fought with the power of God.
All the detractors of Pacquiao are right when saying he is using steroids and this is a very special kind of steroid because any test can never detect or see it. They have to invent first an instrument who could make them see God in order to see the steroid in Manny's system. If God gives to all men the strength, he can also give it to his chosen one in a greater measure. God gives a special power to someone who asks for it and use it for his greater glory.
How many people who are touched by the religiosity of Pacquiao? I myself the first! Even Freddie Roach, the great trainer of Pacquiao, is not a great believer of God, but living with Manny he experiences how God is working through this guy. He even said that God is the steroid of Pacquiao. God always uses the weakest instrument to do his greatest work.
God gives the talent and power to man, but it's man's duty to cultivate them. All of us have received various talents from God, but only few of us have cultivated them well. Manny, for years, has cultivated his God-given talent in hardest training, self-discipline and in great humility, believing that he has nothing that doesn't come from God and if it is of God why he should be bragging about it?
In each and every fight of Manny, he prays as if everything depends on God and then he fights as if everything depends on him. Pacquiao always does his best and God always does the rest. That's why Manny always thanks God for his victory. He knows that he is not just using human's power, but also of that divine whose power no human power can conquer.
Pacquiao fights like a devil, but he lives like an angel. He never likes trash talk. He doesn't like to fight with his tongue, for it's cowardly, but he fights with his fists, for it's a sign of real bravery. He doesn't want to hurt his opponent, that's why he always prays that no one should get hurt, but he has to do his job well to give justice to the people who pay him very well. He boxes not just to win, but most of all to entertain the people who pay to see a good boxing. This is the very reason why he doesn't choose his opponent whom he can easily beat, but he choose his opponent who can help him make an entertaining bout regardless of the outcome. He doesn't want to fight someone who is already lost even before the fight.
To all the haters of Pacquiao, just look inside of you and see the reasons why you hate him. If you see good and valid reasons for hating him, then continue hating him. But if you don't see any good and valid reasons for hating him, then why continue hating him??? To hate a bad man is human, but to hate a good man is very inhuman.
If you hate a good man, why don't you hate yourself??? But if you think that you are a good man, then you should not be hating your self. Usually it's always the bad man who hates the good man. Look at all the movies around—the bad always hates the good.
Look at all around the world—the bad always hates the good. But the good never hates the bad. The good only pardons the bad, because the good knows that the bad doesn't really know what he is doing. If he were to know what he is doing, he would never have done it.
We should be grateful to God that he has given us an angel who could fight with his power and who could love with his heart. Instead, you want to crucify Pacquiao with needless needles just to show how wrong you are and how baseless are your accusations. You are like the evildoers who asked Christ to come down from the cross so that they may believe that he is God.
But Christ didn't come down, even if he could have easily come down, because he didn't come to do their will, but the will of his heavenly father. So too, you asked Pacquiao to come down from the cross of your defamation and take the blood test so that you may believe that he is clean. But Pacquiao is not subject to do your will, but only the will of the boxing commissioner, so he won't come down and you continue accusing him as a dirty fighter.
You are ruining the great reputation of a great, if not the greatest boxer, who has gone through the most excruciating pain of boxing just to arrive where he is now, by your baseless and wicked accusations. Don't say your opinion as the ultimate truth, because it could only make you the greatest liars. Say only good things of others and if you have to say bad things of others, you should always say it in the nicest and most constructive manner.
Thank you Manny Pacquiao for everything you have done for us and in the world of boxing! You are not just a great champion in boxing, but most of all you are the greatest champion in showing us that life is always worth living. You are a devil without horns in the ring and you are an angel without wings outside the ring.
Your power is outside of this world, but others think that your power comes from this world. So they want your blood to see it, but they will never never never find it...


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