Thursday, January 21, 2010

Manny Pacquiao - Boxing or Politics Ramifications of Wearing a Suit

Manny Pacquiao will turn his attention to a different kind of battle come March, 30. The boxing sensation will run for a congressional seat with campaigning to start shortly after his scheduled defence of his WBO welterweight title against Ghana’s Joshua Clottey at the Cowboy’s stadium, Arlington, Texas on March 13. Presidential elections, legislative elections and local elections in the Philippines will be held on Monday, May 10, 2010

manny pacquiao in a suit

A second attempt at a congressional seat may be the toughest fight of the Filipinos career, he was defeated in 2007 when he ran for the congressional seat in General Santos city, where he began his boxing career.

Born to a poor family in the Bukidnon province, Philippines, the young Pacquiao started working as a baker and construction worker before embarking on a boxing career. Pacquiao became the personification of the term rags to riches. Intuit in his fighting, Pacquiao takes on the responsibility of fighting for a nation.

The Philippines has not had someone like Manny Pacquiao for many years, the last time the country felt proud as a country and a race was Cory Aquino in 1986. Pacquiao success is different from what Cory gave the nation but it leaves similar feelings and pride.

Should Pacquiao be successful in his political endeavours the ramifications on his career in the ring remain to be seen. A bout with Floyd Mayweather could dissolve once again and be unlikely for this summer. You have to ask yourself would the Filipino people prefer to have their national hero sitting in an office, or in the ring competing on the world stage. Could he do both? Would a political career lesson the fighter? My guess is Pacquiao will bring more hope, pride and honour to his people competing in the ring. At 32 he has many years to concentrate on a political career.


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