Sunday, January 17, 2010


Teddy Atlas criticized the internet and described it as dirty, but is it any worse than reporting something that can have a negative impact on someone without ensuring that it is factual first? For someone who hates the internet, he sure wasn’t hesitant about putting out information about an email that supposedly exists but he hasn’t seen. The truth is he’s no different than the people or things that he vilified.

I guess whatever comes from an email should be trusted. I just got an email claiming that I won a million dollars from a lottery in the U.K., I guess I better reply with all my personal information. In fact, I better stop writing for a minute and reply back to the email I received from ‘Yahoo’ telling me to send my password before they close my email account. Better yet, I should give all my savings to Mr. Sudu of Nigeria since he is guaranteeing me a million dollars, if I just claim to be the next of kin of his deceased client. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then read Lorne Scoggins’ article titled Teddy Atlas’s Rumor Mill Separating Facts From Fiction In Pacquiao E-Mails.

In last night’s episode of ESPN’s Friday Night Fights, instead of apologizing for irresponsible journalism and showing any proof, their crew only put more blame on the Pacman. Maybe an apology was too much to ask, but surely showing evidence to protect their journalistic integrity wasn’t since ‘real’ journalists do research ‘facts’. Well, at least I thought they did.

Instead, they talked about how Pacquiao could have easily made the fight by agreeing to go through a non-mandatory testing procedure that has never been forced upon another fighter because Mayweather Jr. and his camp, who are of course the ‘epitome of righteousness’, mandated it.

The fact is Pacquiao’s compromise was more than enough considering his place in the sport as a superstar and that the Olympic style testing has never been part of a boxer’s routine. If Mayweather Jr. had a problem with the current testing procedures of the sport, then he should have went to the Nevada Athletic Commission. But I won’t go further in that issue since I already talked about that in my following articles: Manny and Steroids and Mayweather Jr.: The Most Talented But Not The Greatest Of His Generation.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but from the logic of their argument, I expect Atlas, Kenny and others who put the blame on Pacquiao to call out any fighter from now on who does not volunteer to go undergo Olympic style drug testing regardless if they are mandated or not. In fact, they should question each fighter’s credibility that participate in ESPN’s Friday Night Fight, if they do not voluntarily undergo the procedure and let their viewers know. Actually, they should mandate that every fighter must undergo the Olympic style drug testing in order to participate in their show. Don’t tell me that they shouldn’t because it’s not mandatory.

Some have said that Mayweather Jr. was not the first boxer to ask another fighter to undergo a more strenuous testing. But did any of those that were asked ever undergo the extra testing? Were they crucified as much as Pacquiao when they didn’t? Were they expected to undergo Olympic style drug testing that has never been part of a boxer’s routine?

Many fans advocate that athletes become more involved in the community, social issues and become a good role model. Manny Pacquiao is known for helping the less fortunate and is now entering politics in order to help his community despite the criticisms that may accompany it. But that should be forgotten of course and he should not be given the benefit of the doubt because very ‘credible’ sources have ‘proven’ that he had use steroids.

Pacquiao’s critics also point out that he must be hiding something, if he can let go a huge amount of money. Sometimes it’s about pride, integrity, dignity and not about money. Pacquiao already has enough money to secure future generations of his family. Pacquiao is one of the most sought endorsers and does not need Mayweather Jr. to make millions of dollars. In fact, he makes millions in endorsement in the Philippines alone.

Didn’t Mayweather Jr. leave behind about the same amount of money when he chose to retire instead of fighting De La Hoya for the second time? Was he ducking Oscar De La Hoya since he escaped with only a split decision in their first fight? But of course his fans will defend him by saying that he didn’t need the money. It was true that Floyd didn’t need the money and it’s the same case for Pacquiao.

For those who say’s the burden of proof is on Pacquiao, I asked if that is what you want to be the law of the land? If so, then be it, just don’t blame anybody else the next time you’re jailed for something you’ve never done without any evidence.


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