Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clottey an easy target — Roach

DALLAS — Aboard the private plane that brought Manny Pacquiao and select members of his team here Monday night, it was the fighter’s celebrated trainer Freddie Roach who provided the juiciest quotes.
Roach told The Bulletin that while he is not underestimating Joshua Clottey, who Pacquiao faces on March 13 at Cowboys Stadium in the neighboring city of Arlington, the Ghanaian will find it hard to cope with the energy level that the Filipino brings to the ring.
“Clottey is passive,” said Roach, raising his two arms to mimic Clottey’s moves in an actual fight.
“Manny fights every second of every round and Clottey doesn’t do that. He just raises his arms,” he said.
Still, Roach believes “it is still going to be a hard fight because Clottey is big and strong.”
Roach is so wary of the remaining time available that he wants Pacquiao to begin sparring by Tuesday or Thursday of next week.
Pacquiao, who slept most of the way during the three-hour trip from Las Vegas, is due for his first day or training on Thursday at the conclusion of the press tour that actually kicks off with a press conference on Tuesday afternoon at the Cowboys Stadium.
Top Rank chief Bob Arum swears the presentation on Tuesday will be unforgettable, noting that Texas billionaire Jerry Jones, worked hard in making sure the event will be something that is out of the ordinary.
Arum actually joined Pacquiao on the journey here, having sent a plane to pick up Pacquiao in Los Angeles before being fetched himself at Henderson Executive Airport just outside of Las Vegas.
Aboard the 13-seater jet, the travel time from Los Angeles to Henderson was a mere 35 minutes, while it took a little over two hours for the Henderson-Dallas leg to be completed.
Also on board were Arum’s stepson and Top Rank president Todd BuBoef and Carl Morreti, another Top Rank bigshot, as well as Pacquiao’s advisers Mike Koncz and Jeng Gacal, ring announcer Michael Buffer and this writer.
Pacquiao and Clottey as well as the Top Rank crew are billeted at the ultra-expensive Four Seasons Resort and Club.
From here, Pacquiao will proceed to New York for another gig at Madison Square Garden.

Source: mb.com.ph

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