Friday, January 15, 2010

Celebrity scouting report: Joshua Clottey

I think if Ghana can play their best, they can surprise Germany like they surprised Czech Republic in 2006. The coach has made a big name for himself -- he qualified Ghana for the World Cup for a second time. This time, they qualified first, faster than any African team has ever qualified. ... To have players who are playing in England and other European leagues is a help. It's good that we play the African Cup of Nations. It's a very, very hard tournament. Our younger players are getting more experience, so when it comes to the World Cup, they'll be more fantastic. ... The only weakness on our team is our strikers. We have a big problem scoring. The other African teams know how to score. ... In the end, it's not about the players, it's about the teamwork. I believe they can go further this time because it's in Africa. South Africa and Ghana are not that far apart, and it's going to benefit us because the fans are going to go along. I feel like we'll get more support, far more than the first time.

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