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Boxing Bite size: La edición dos – Jermain Taylor, Pacquiao, Hatton and more!

By Jordan Stoddart: A great time to follow up last years sister article, what with the news of Taylors exit of the SuperSix Series, Greens possible entry into the tournament, a certain Englishman’s comeback into the sport and the never ending story of Pacquiao and the growing hormones. Let’s dissect, direct and correct this week’s news in Bite size.

Mayweather/Pacquiao – A Fans Perspective

I did not really want to mention this particularly bitter saga which has drained much of the Boxing Worlds brains for the last few months, but you really have to bring it up to understand why we are in this situation over a pathetic smear campaign which ironically was not started by either fighter. We can sit here and wax lyrical all day about how Floyd was in the right for questioning the subject and that Manny should have taken some form of test to disprove the rumours and accusations, or how Manny was right to stand up to Mayweather’s dirty tactics and smear campaigns, but fact of the matter is, the fan suffers again. If this fight is made in 2010, then fair play, we shall put it down to hype, generating PPV’s and prolonging the pre-fight tension and hype, but if it does not happen, then we have to make our voices heard. Too many times, Boxing fans who pay their hard earned wages on $40/£25 Pay per views, only to be let down by the downright disgraceful dismissal of paying and devoted fans who make the sport, unfortunately the fighters and promoters can more often than not break the fights. This fight was too good not to happen, and now we will be forced to watch both fighters at the same time, on the same night; a great way to get shafted, huh?

Fans need to start wising up and speaking out against these diabolical liberties being taken by the fat cats and back room staff who continuously influence the negative aspects of the game, and who downgrade the sport and insult the people who post on this site and who pay to watch, listen and attend the fights. There is only one loser in all of this: us. Manny will fight Joshua Clottey, a fighter many are not keen with as a credible opponent, although his record and standing in the sport cannot be sniffed at. He is a hard as nails African warrior who has had great success in the ring, notably through wins against Zab Judah and Diego Corrales. Mayweather will no doubt cherry pick another opponent for us to admire and debate about for months to come, again ensuring we are denied the spectacle we were promised and of which we deserve. As Joe Strummer of The Clash famously sung, Know your rights, these are your rights. It is time to stop the in-fighting on sites and forums, and to start campaigning. If 100 people wrote a letter to the parties involved, then I guarantee at least 50 would be read, and it is not an email that can be deleted, or a website that can be ignored. Too much talk and not enough action. It’s great going on about who is right, who is wrong and how the sport is a dying breed, but if the fans want something, they get it. They just need to heard. Think about it people.

Hatton return – ESB Love, will Calzaghe follow?

So Wednesday, 13th January 2010 brought us confirmation that Ricky Hatton (47-2) will return to action in the summertime, most likely against former foe Juan Urango, the proud owner of the current IBF Light Welterweight title, whom he won by beating Herman Ngoudjo back in Jan 2009. The Colombian (22-2-1, with a 68% KO percentage) fought Hatton back in January 2007, but he has recently lost to the up and coming Andre Berto (UD 12 rounds) albeit at a higher class of welterweight, much like Hatton who is going to again try to rebuild a fine career, after 2 devastating Knockouts. Notice has been made of the support that has been received of his proposed comeback, which came as a surprise considering the anger that has been directed at him over the last year or so through various outlets.

Fact of the matter is, Ricky Hatton is an extremely exciting and world class fighter who before facing Pacquiao had literally ruled his weight class with an iron fist for nearly 5 years. (Name one other fighter bar Wladimir Kitschko who has ruled his class for so long?) American Boxing Writers and The Rings Boxer of the year, World Titles in 2 weights, beating and retiring Kosta Tszyu, the only man to KO the legendary Jose Luis Castillo, the man is P4P material, period, regardless of where his opponent’s careers were at when they fought. He never ever ducked anybody, is that such a crime? Mayweather’s fans (and any fan come to think of it) CRAVE for this kind of attitude. Look at the way Money has come over to the UK of late to try and harness some of the respect and passion Hatton receives and emits; the qualities that the self proclaimed ‘greatest’ will never possess. The fact the Hitman is yet again coming back to fight is testament to his sheer devotion, self- determination and love for his fans. He is a credit to the sport and will be missed when he finally hangs his gloves yup. Let’s forget the P4P nonsense, watch the Hitman win back his IBF belt against Urango, and then beat the likes of Bradley and Alexander to cement his status as the finest Light Welter of recent times, and that is genuinely from a neutral perspective.

- Why not add Calzaghe into the mix for the Super Six series? It does not look like his post career in promotions or as a single male have gone too well, why not make a couple of added millions, rematch Kessler, and cement that (ever irritating word) legacy.

Dallas Stadium to showcase Pac V Clottey, why not try Wembley or Munich?

So Bob Arum, the next best disliked promoter in the world after Don King, has made Pacquiao’ next fight at the Dallas Cowboys aptly named ‘Cowboys Stadium’. Its brand spanking new, can hold up to 100, 000 fans, and is fronted by the head honcho Jerry Jones who has promised to market this Welterweight contest like a Superbowl. Strangely enough, he is promising it will be staged and played out like a Superbowl. Word on the street is, George Bush will be performing mock executions, and Kenny Rogers will be singing the Rocky theme tune whilst fans are treated to a free hormone growth spiked hotdog and a copy of Enter the Dragon. Frankly, this cheeses me off. The Pacman is now the global phenomenon he wanted to be, front cover of Time magazine, 2nd most searched person on Yahoo in 2009, and about to fight in football stadiums, a la Hatton. Unfortunately staging the fight in Dallas, against a mid range welter will not motivate many purists, although my instincts tell me the fight will pass the million mark, but do not expect a great live attendance. Ali, Frazier and Foreman staged the famous international fights in the Rumble and the Thrilla, why cant Pac and his team take it outside the US? It cannot be money, as places like London’s Wembley Stadium or any location in Dubai will get 100K live gates, and will still account for the same PPV’s. Boxing needs to think outside the box, Pacquiao is a non-US fighter, its time he utilised those visa restrictions and started showcasing his skills on another continent.

Taylors Exit, Green/Bika in?

I stated in my original Boxing Bitesize article on this site last October ( that Al Haymon needed to step up to the plate and take some responsibility with Jermain Taylor’s career, and he bloody well has! Jermain Taylor has pulled out of the much acclaimed SuperSix series this week, and will be assessing his career in the near future after a much needed break. It’s great to see a fighter taking these crucial steps, after such a brutal demise from winning championship belts against the likes of P4P legend Bernard Hopkins. The SuperSix obviously need s a replacement, and the names being touted are Sakio Bika and Danny Green, as where both named in the previous post. I rate the pair, but I do not see them as great additions to this fine template. I have named Calzaghe, but training wise, and his lack of desire to re-lace will put this idea on the back burner. Kelly Pavlik anyone? Makes sense.

Rumours and Bits

First things first, to whoever started the Hearns Leonard III rumours, have a word! The most ridiculous story I have heard in years. On more realistic matters, Khan is said be either vacating the WBA strap and maybe taking on Paulie Malignaggi. Why not fight both this year, could end with a great scrap with another Brit fighter. Haye will definitely be fighting Ruiz on April 3rd, maybe at the MEN in Manchester, England. The Klitschkos will be keeping busies in the Heavies with scraps against Eddie Chambers or Hayes victim Nicolay Valuev. Money Mayweather will either face Shane Mosley or Kermit Cintron, expect the latter, but if the former happens, here is my bucks, I will be in! On a sadder note, Hopkins and Roy Jones are likely to fight in April, of which I do not believe there is any point, and the fact it is PPV is an insult. That’s all folks, feedback


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