Friday, January 15, 2010

Big Apple Boxing Thoughts 01.15.10: Pacquiao-Clottey -- Classic?

The potential mega fight between Manny Pacquiao
and Floyd Mayweather that was set to happen on March 13th is officially dead. So the question remains on which fighter do you think was actually at fault for that whole..well just forget about it as I think we've all had enough of that crap for a while.

While many might think this is a big loss for boxing, it is certainly not the end of the world for the sport.
The Pacquiao-Clottey fight has tremendous potential to be a classic match. Given the styles of both fighters, there's just no way that this fight could fail to be an example of boxing at its best.

Stylistically, Clottey relies heavily upon his quick footwork and superb blocking abilities.He is a rough, tough, genuine welterweight with a rock-solid defense.He doesn't pack a knockout punch but he does hit hard enough to cause damage. Clottey has an iron chin and his defensive skills are excellent. He has never been knocked out in any fight. His biggest flaw is his lack of speed. He also tends to start slow in some fights as evident in his 1st round of the Cotto fight when he was knocked down.

Even though Clottey is not known to be no Mayweather in the ring when it comes to entertainment, his antics in the ring will provide plenty of drama and fun. In the fight with Cotto, Clottey found himself trapped in the corner and decided to initiate a rather weird clinch by throwing his upper body over the top of Cotto's left shoulder. Cotto promptly demonstrated his anger and dirtiness for the tactic by lifting Clottey up and body slamming him face-first to the canvas.Clottey then took a long break while rolling around on the canvas and acting like he was dying. Whether he was acting or not is anyone's guess.

Joshua Clottey is one of those boxers that other guys don't want to fight because he is one dangerous fighter. When Antonio Margarito defeated Cotto, everyone thought that Margarito's next fight would be a unification title bout in a rematch against Clottey. It never happened and it was very simple from watching that first fight on why Antonio did not want that fight. In that contest, Clottey was ripping short left hooks and jabs with tremendous hand speed. Early in the fight, Clottey won the second, third and fourth rounds on two of three scorecards. In the third, he stunned Margarito with a right hand to the head and repeatedly landed four- and five-punch combinations. After the fourth, Clottey came to his corner complaining of pain in his left hand. From that point, his work rate slowed and he absorbed tremendous punishment for the remainder of the match. However, he had demonstrated his abilities against a top opponent.

Manny is probably going to have punch to the sides of Clottey's body as that could prove to be most effective way in wearing him down. Clottey is a very good counterpuncher who carefully and accurately chooses his spots. It has been proven in the past that Pacquiao has not had the best of luck against counter-punchers. He wants guys that will go toe-to-toe with him and it's highly unlikely that Clottey will do such a thing. Manny is going to have to do some counter punching of his own and try to go for the knockout when Clottey attempts to throw at Pacquiao. Manny's weird punching angles is going to be a huge factor in this fight.

This fight will not be a easy one for Pacquiao at all and it will only cement his legacy if he wins this in convincing fashion against one of the most dangerous and underrated fighters in the sport. Clottey is going to have his moments in this fight but I think the speed of Pacquiao will prove to be too much for Joshua as he is a guy that needs to set his feet before he can thrown. Manny's speed and movement will not make that possible and prove to be the difference. But if people that buy this fight are expecting one of Manny's vintage dominating knockouts, then they should buy elsewhere.


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